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The Art of Dining

Fine dining, at a restaurant or at home, is an art form in many cultures. They are often a symbol of the wealth of a family or individual, and they prove that the family and guests will be well provided for in any event. They are also a way to share a special day, or they are used as a way to ensure guests feel welcome. Food is a basic component of life, but it can also be a form of art.

Specialities of Different Cultures

The people of some cultures specialise in the beauty of raw foods, and excellent examples of this art can be found in the Thai culture. There are many more cultures that set a beautiful table, but the flavours of the food are much more important. These cultures include those households in the far north of the world where food is often cooked slowly over low heat, and guests as well as family members are treated to pleasing aromas well before they ever sit down to enjoy the fine food. There are also mid-latitude countries like Italy where flavour is the considered part of the meal, and the hosts will be insulted if their fare is treated as less than a joyous bounty.

The Importance of Traditions

When dining during holidays or special events, traditional meals are part of the celebration for many families. The dishes they serve have been handed down through countless generations, and failure to serve any of them is seen as a lack of respect. Families can sometimes find it difficult to get through economic downturns, but they often find a way to cook and serve the traditional family meals even in those times. It is seen as a way to provide continuity to the family, and it helps them see they can get through life in almost any circumstances.

Table Manners

Each culture places its own importance on following traditional table manners, and guests are expected to follow them as well. Children are usually brought up learning them, and guests will be forgiven if they managed to forget a few. Good hosts in any country usually work hard to see that their family, friends and guests are fed well, so this is the most important of table manners that must be observed by anyone.

Setting a Beautiful Table

Each culture has its own traditional tableware for any special occasion, but Western cultures have long felt that a special set of dishes, usually made of fine bone china, are the perfect setting for their food. They see it as a representation of their family, and it is also a way to help formalise the occasion. Many of them have handed down sets created at Wedgwood, and they will continue to pass them down to future generations.

Dining at home or abroad can be an uplifting experience for those who want something more than just food. Fine dining is about sharing the occasion, enjoying the company of friends and family, and consuming dishes that have been prepared with love and care. While the setting of the dining area is not always important, the event is one to be remembered for many years.