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Floral Art in the Home

Special occasions often call for flowers, but a home can also be a platform for decorating with them on a regular basis. Many talented gardeners have blooms they prefer, and they feel sharing them is important. Roses are especially nice to grow and cut, and many of the bushes will produce flowers throughout most of the year. Cutting the blooms on a regular basis forces the plant to grow more, so decorating the house with cut flowers is a bonus.

Selecting Vases

There are many different sizes and shapes of vases available to modern gardeners, and the choice of a particular piece often depends upon the flowers they choose. Bud vases are used when a flower will sit for a few days before opening, and they are often elegant pieces that have little or no embellishment. For full bouquets, the gardener might choose a larger vase that will hold a wealth of blooms. Many of these ceramic or glass containers are made of different colours, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a few of them will also be decorated. The selection of any particular vase generally depends upon the flowers it will hold, the room where it will be displayed and the whimsy of the person making the bouquet.

Clear or Opaque

Modern vases are often made of ceramic or glass because they have become a viable economic alternative to the plastic ones, and they hold up well over the years. Most vases are opaque because few people want to see stems of their plants, but those that are clear often have a stamped pattern in the material that allows the viewer to see only the colour of the stems. Choosing is usually based on whether or not a darker colour base will enhance the beauty of the blooms above.

Patterned Vases

Ceramic and glass vases come in many different colours, and some of them have a pattern overlaid on the outside. They are often complementary to certain flowers, and they can also be very effective when a great deal of greenery is part of the floral display. For those who find a pattern they love, they can have glass decals or glass transfers printed by Siak Transfers. Creating their own collection of vases gives them the opportunity to offer loved ones the gift of flowers with a vase that will be kept for many years by the recipient. It is a way to ensure a home for cut blooms as well as giving a gift that will be useful.

Growing flowers in the garden is often a restful hobby for those who enjoy the work, and knowing their blooms will reside in beautiful vases is part of what they look forward to during the maintenance of their plot. They can shop for the perfect vases for their blooms, or they can buy blanks and design their own patterns to enhance the gift of flowers. There are now many choices available in the modern world for these caretakers of plants, and their effort will be enjoyed and admired by many.